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How to apply for internships

How to apply for internships

Applying for an internship requires research and time but it’s definitely an invaluable experience. This section gives an overview of the documents needed for an internship application.

How to get your ideal internship:

  1. Perfect your resume. Make it clear and avoid errors in formatting, grammar, and typos.
  2. Use your network–find internships by asking professors, friends, and family for professional contacts.
  3. The earlier you begin searching for internships, the better!

Internship applications are very similar to job applications. You’ll need to prepare a resume, a cover letter, a transcript, and letters of recommendation.

When applying for an internship, take time to clean up your resume or CV. Avoid lengthy resumes and try to make it easy to read. Ask a mentor or teacher to read over it for suggestions and to double check for errors.

Cover letters for internships are a one page document which introduce yourself and highlights why you are the best candidate for the position. Just like a job application, internships require a cover letter attached with your application.

The 3 common types of cover letters are:

  1. Standard cover letter
  2. Referral cover letter
  3. Letter of interest

A standard cover letter demonstrates your ability to effectively communicate why you are qualified for the position. You should mention the position you are applying for and how your skill set will benefit the company.

The second type of cover letter is known as a referral letter. This type of cover letter is used when someone has referred you to the position. When writing a referral letter, you should mention the person who referred you to the company right away. Referral letters are a great introduction to the company, and may help improve your chances of being noticed in the application process.

The third type of letter is called a letter of interest. This is written when there is not a specific position advertised but you write to express your interest in the company.

Keep in mind that cover letters are the first thing an employer will read, so invest time in crafting the best letter possible!

A transcript is a record of your academic grades and achievements and is one of the most common components of applications for internships. There are two types of transcripts: official and unofficial.
Official transcripts are issued directly from the university and are sealed and delivered directly to the recipient. Official transcripts may take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to arrive, so make sure to order them in advance so it has time to arrive.

Recommendation letters are written by a third person and highlight your skills or academic merits. The letter should address your professional strengths as well as your strengths in character. The best people to ask for recommendation letters are teachers, employers, or organizations you have been involved with.