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Officer Records and Registries – (210000U)

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Manage the storage and movement of URA records in order to facilitate safety, timely and easy access to records in the organization.


1. Manage the transfer process of records and provide safe custody in order to enhance proper records management in the organization.

a) Analyze requests from users for transfer of records and determine the status of the records against standards

b) Issue out packaging  for packing of records that are to be transferred  to the records centre

c) Receive and Acknowledge receipt of records from the record users by making reconciliation between the details on the transfer list and actual records

d) Capture records received in the database and update whenever there is change in movement of that particular record

e) Conduct sensitizations and provide hands on assistance to staff on records management

f) Conduct compliance inspections on records management to enhance adherence to records management standards

g) Identify space, prepare location numbers and paste them on the transferred records.

h) Update and file the transfer forms in the respective department box files

i) Update received records into the Document Management System

j) Prepare reports on records received in the records centre and submit to the supervisor

k) Maintain and secure records


2. Retrieve and provide access of records to authorized users to facilitate timely decision making

a) Analyze user requests for retrieval of records to determine the nature of records

b) Check through records center database/ departmental transfer forms to confirm and retrieve the requested records

c) Update the status of borrowed files in the file tracking data base/ register/DMS


3. Insert records and update the records database to facilitate easy access and an up to date records inventory

a) Prepare a list of all borrowed records and submit to the line supervisor for action

b) Receive and acknowledge receipt of borrowed files and reconcile the details in the file tracking database

c) Conduct a file census to account for files in the records center and update their status database

d) Prepare reports for the activities done and submit to the supervisor


4. Conduct weeding and disposal of records to facilitate optimum utilization of storage space   

a) Study transfer forms to determine the nature of records that need to be weeded out of the records centre

b) Compile lists of records that are to be weeded

c) Conduct actual weeding of records from the shelves and pack them in labeled gunny bags and attach the transfer lists

d) Compile lists of records to be disposed off and submit to the supervisor

e) Participate in the actual disposal of records to ensure adherence to procedures and guidelines by service providers

f) Prepare the disposal report and submit to the line supervisor for review


5. Conduct receipt and dispatch of mails

a) Receive and stamp mails at the mail desk

b) Scan all received correspondences to the document management system

c) Forward all correspondences to the respective action offices

d) Maintain and manage active records in the central registry

e) Contribute to improving records systems





Essential Requirements

a) An honors Bachelor’s degree in Library &Information Systems, Records &Archives Management or Information &Office Management

b) 2 years’ experience in records management in a large organization


a) Knowledge of Records and Archives Act (2001), Access to Information act (2005),

b) Knowledge of Records Management processes and procedures, Electronic transactions Act (2011) and ISO standards.


a) The incumbent must have strong Communication skills- both written and oral

b) S/he must have Good interpersonal skills with the ability to multi- task with a high level of integrity

c) Resilience with the ability to travel frequently and flexibility with ability to prioritize tasks

d) The incumbent must possess good analytical skills with close attention to detail.

e) S/he must have good reporting skills with proven sense to confidentiality

f) Ability to work in teams

Kampala, Uganda
This job has expired.