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Officer Database Administration – (210000R)

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Implement, maintain and support the URA Database Operations and eHub application in line with the corporate operations standards and policies.


1. Install, configure, maintain and Monitor the Corporate databases in line with the corporate operations standards and policies

a) Install, Configure, Maintain and monitor the corporate databases

b) Monitor the databases resources utilization, and where necessary automated database routines

c) Patch the database infrastructure and keep all the associated components up to date.

d) Develop strategies to optimize database performance inline with the corporate policies and standards

e) Plan and implement database capacity programs in line with the corporate plans and policies

2. Maintain high database integrity and promote the use of data in URA

a) Enhance data security and preserve the data integrity

b) Monitor data accessibility and ensure the data is not abused

c) Work closely with the developers and business to ensure smooth business operations

d) Facilitate database accessibility and accountability with all those who access the database resources

e) Work with the ICT security and other stakeholders to preserve the desired data security standards and policies

f) Create database test environments and maintain any Database documentations.

g) Manage the change requests and ensure they have all the approved changes

3. Implement and maintain the database backup and recovery policies

a) support the implementation and enhancement of the database continuity programs

b) Implement the DB backup and recovery plans in line with the corporate business continuity policies and standards

c) Maintain and monitor the DB recovery plans and ensure they are aligned with the approved corporate standards

d) Test the backups in line with the standard operating procedures

e) Conduct regular backup and recovery tests to ensure the implementations are in line with what is currently approved and expected

f) Work with IT teams to review and recommend business continuity changes based on the IT trends


4. Support the analytics and adoption of the same in the URA business operations        

a) Maintain and support the growth of URA corporate data warehouse

b) Facilitate the institutionalization of analytics in the business operations of URA

c) Provide technical advise in the growth and adoption of analytics in URA

d) Propose changes to the DWH environment and support the implementation of these changes





Essential Requirements

a) An honors Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, B. Statistics, Data science, Software Engineering, Information Technology or any other IT related degree obtained from a recognised academic Institution.

b) At least 2 years’ experience in Information Technology.

c) Experience in working with Database Administration.

Desirable Requirements

a) A professional training in IT Specialised areas such as Oracle ,SQL server, Unix/ Linux solaris, R, python, Toad

b) Certificaction in any of the following Oracle, SQL server or Linux


a) Knowledge of database security concepts

b) Knowledge of data administration and data standardization principles.

c) Knowledge of database backup and recovery.

d) Knowledge of data mining and data warehousing principles.

e) Knowledge of database management systems, query languages, table relationships, and views.

f) Knowledge of operating systems concepts.

g) Knowledge of query languages such as SQL (structured query language).

h) Knowledge of sources, characteristics, and uses of the organization’s data assets.

i) Knowledge of database access application programming interfaces (e.g., Java Database Connectivity [JDBC]).

j) Knowledge of current and emerging data encryption (e.g., Column and Tablespace Encryption, file and disk encryption) security features in databases (e.g. built-in cryptographic key management features).



a) Skills in allocating storage capacity in the design of data management systems.

b) Skills in conducting queries and developing algorithms to analyze data structures.

c) Skills in generating queries and reports.

d) Skills in maintaining databases. (i.e., backup, restore, delete data, transaction log files, etc.).

e) Skills in optimizing database performance.

f) Skills in data modelling

g) Should have sound communication skills

h) The incumbent should have the ability to contain pressure and deliver under stressful environments

i) S/he should possess an impeccable record of integrity

j) S/he should have good interpersonal relationships and client centrism behaviors

k) Ability to work under minimum supervision and willingness to undertake any responsibility and adherence to dead lines

l) Ability to work as part of a team

m) The incumbent should be agile, punctual and disciplined

Kampala, Uganda
This job has expired.