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Officer Customs – (210001B)

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This job has expired.




Implement customs operations and provide support to customs clients at the station to facilitate international trade and revenue collection


1.Carry out verification of consignments and write a descriptive Verification Account to guide the assessment of customs taxes payable

  1. a) Check and verify the quantity, quality, weight, country of origin and other applicable details about the goods imported
  2. b) Write detailed descriptive verification account indicating the findings from the verification process to guide valuation and tax assessment
  3. c) Upload the Verification account onto the system to enable access by the Valuation/Assessment Officer
  4. d) Secure and submit samples to the Valuation/Assessment Officer


2.Assess taxes payable and advise the clients on the payment process to enable collection

  1. a) Vet documents provided by the clients/taxpayers against physical goods to ascertain truthfulness in the declarations made to determine tax payable
  2. b) Ascertain tax payable following appropriate Tax Assessment Methodology
  3. c) Generate a Payment Registration Notice (PRN) or an amendment reflecting additional tax to be paid based on findings from the physical verification


3.Confirm compliance of clients/taxpayers to all requirements and release goods for exit

  1. a) Check and review the documents to ascertain completeness and accuracy to confirm the right attachments and taxes paid
  2. b) Access/Recall the entry into the system, trigger select control, take appropriate action, generate a release order and  Exit Note for the Client


4.Facilitate Transit monitoring and transit exit process to control dumping of goods

  1. a) Receive and vet Customs declarations from Clearing Agents and generate a Transit document (T1)
  2. b) Inspect to confirm that Trucks have the necessary qualifications to do transit (Transit Goods License, ), write a Sight Account and generate transit documents
  3. c) Receive and vet the accompanying documents (T1, Road User Recharge, etc) to confirm suitability
  4. d) Compare contents of the documents against the physical truck (including its status of the seal, truck itself)
  5. e) Endorse the T1 document, validate/terminate it in the system to generate Validation Reference Number
  6. f) Capture all the details in the Manual Release
  7. g) Generate periodic reports indicating work done


5.Receive and account for Cash Collections at the station to promote transparency

  1. a) Receive and review the empty Manifest or a Customs entry to ascertain the charges payable by incoming Trucks and pay the amount in the system
  2. b) Reconcile daily collections, batch and bank collected amounts to the bank and keep a record of payment received from the banks
  3. c) Prepare weekly and monthly reconciliations and submit the report to the Regional Administrative Officer and station In-Charge respectively for quality assurance and further submissions
  4. d) Receive and verify assessment notices from Clearing Agents to ascertain taxes payable, collect, acknowledge receipt and effect payment in the system


6.Handle and clear incoming and outgoing Travellers to facilitate inter-state people movement

  1. a) Receive and verify appropriate documents (Exit Note, Logbook, Driving Permit and Identification Card)
  2. b) Capture the relevant document details into the system (TEVIES) about the vehicle and the person and generate a C32 Form
  3. c) Capture the Inward Registration Number
  4. d) Receive, verify and capture details for Ugandans exiting the country (the same details as above)
  5. e) Monitor Car Net vehicles entering or exiting and do further consultations with other staff at the Boarder to confirm exits


7.Manage the Exports Desk to facilitate trade

  1. a) Receive taxpayers with the respective documents about the exports and conduct a verification to ascertain whether what was declared is what is being exported
  2. b) Confirm that all necessary requirements are attached (Export Certificate, Inspection, etc) write a Verification or a Sight Account
  3. c) Print and issue a Release and Exit Order to the taxpayer



  1. Essential Requirements
  2. a) Bachelor’s Degree in any field
    b) At least two (2)  year’s working experience


  1. Desirable Requirements
  2. a) Specialized training in any of the areas of customer care, data analysis, or fraud examination.
    b) Ability to speak additional Languages like Swahili, French, or Chinese


  1. Knowledge
  2. a) A Fair understanding of Customs work


  2. a) Should be able to communicate effectively and relate with all kinds of people
    b) Should have a spirit of continuous learning and attention to trends as they emerge
    c) Should be resilient and results oriented
    d) Should be able to work for long hours with minimum or without supervision
    e) Good interpersonal and communication skills
    f) The ideal person should be able to work well as part of a team
    g) Respect for self and for others


This job has expired.