Will be either work in the studio control room, for an in-studio broadcast, or in a mobile truck, for live event production. They are responsible for producing suitable accurate graphic captions across a variety of live productions and OB events, for example, the captions on the news or live scores for a football match. Graphics Can also be responsible for creating full screen graphics like charts and graphs, depicting statistics about a sport, team, or news event.


  • Work with technical and production crew to satisfy graphics needs for live, taped, and automated programming, under the supervision of Operations management.
  • The Character Generator (CG) Operator is responsible for the creation and superimposition. of graphics and images during newscasts and other live and recorded programs.
  • Sets up and operates character generator systems for live and taped productions.
  • Uses creativity to produce graphics requested by news and production personnel.
  • Operates Studio Camera and Teleprompter when required.
  • Checks equipment and resources for proper working order and requests repairs and maintenance when required.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Ability to use / understand graphics technology, e.g. VizRT, Aston, Clarity, TOG,Chyron and others
  • Accurate and fast typing skills.
  • Visual acuity – Graphic Operators must be able to organize information in an easy to
    understand format.
  • Excellent attention to detail, strong communication skills.
  • Able handle pressure well as their work is often in live conditions.
  • Ability to think ahead, spot trends and predict what they will need to add next.
  • Ability to meet deadlines, prioritize assignments and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Continuing education to keep up with rapidly changing technology.
  • A thorough understanding of television production is mandatory.
  • Ability to think quickly in a pressure situation is a necessity.
  • Work indoors in environmentally controlled.
  • Strong work ethic and positive attitude a must.


  • One year experience in a similar position
  • A degree or Diploma in broadcasting, television or video production   or related field.
  • Prior experience working in the MCR environment will also be beneficial.